Who Should Make the Cut When It Comes to Your Guest List

One of the biggest decisions you’ll have to make when planning your wedding is how many guests you’ll be inviting. The guest count can determine the venue and, more importantly, it can make or break your budget. That being said, the guest count directly affects your cost, so when looking to cut them start with the guest list. Today we’re talking about those guests that shouldn’t make your cut.

Photo courtesy @AaronandJillianPhotography
1. The Elementary School/High School/ College Friends You Used to be Close With

You used to be close, best friends even, but as time passed you drifted apart. Now you only hear from them on birthdays and through those double taps on your instagram photos. This is the perfect person to cut, their feelings won’t be hurt, and you can bet that they will still like all of your wedding photos once you post them.

2. The Exes

This should go without saying, but do not invite your ex boyfriends or girlfriends to your wedding. Why have someone reminding you of your past when you’re embarking on your future with the person you love. There is only one exception, you can invite an ex if both you and your significant other are close (not cordial or friendly but extremely close) friends with this person.

3. The Critics

We all have that “friend” who is constantly critical of just about everything. She or he might even make you or the others in your group feel bad on a somewhat regular basis. Why have someone there that will be putting out negative vibes and bringing you down on what should be the happiest days of your life? The answer. You shouldn’t!

4. Second, Third, and Fourth Cousins

We can make this one short and sweet! If you only see these cousins every 5 years at the family reunion, there is no need to invite them. Remember they have to love you no matter what… you are family after all.

5. The Friend You No Longer Want to be Friends With

This is a tough one. Weddings usually take place when you’re in a transition period of your life. When looking at your guest list, do you really want to have someone there that you don’t even want to be friends with anymore. Weddings are a time to celebrate with all the people you love the most. If this friend doesn’t naturally fall on this list and you have slowly (or quickly) been drifting apart or this person is toxic and not the kind of person you want in your life anymore, this might be the perfect time to cut the cord. As you transition into this new period of life, you can start with a clean slate.

6. The Cusp Friends

You all know those cusp friends. You aren’t really close with them, you probably don’t call or text them to hang out, but they are always around when your group of friends gets together. If you have cut everyone else and still need to cut someone to make your budget work, these are the people to cut.

7. Co-workers

Ok, smaybe you totally eat lunch together every single day or go to Thursday night happy hour each week, but these people can be cut if need be. Let’s be real, you might not even be working there next year

If you’re in a pinch, think about cutting some of this types from your guest list. It will not only save your budget, but also it will help make your wedding even more intimate and special.


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