What’s For Dinner?

For some couples, the flowers are the most important, for others it’s the band, and then there are those who think the most important detail is the food. When it comes to food there are plenty of options to choose from. Here are all of your options for food that is sure to wow each and every one of your guests.

Seated Dinner

Photo courtesy @balancingballoons

This is for the more traditional wedding. Think three courses. Appetizer/salad/soup, entree, and dessert/cake. We suggest playing toward the season by picking interesting seasonal options. Another great option is to choose a duo entree like filet and crab cake with a delicious side and forgo tracking down each of your guests dinner selections. 

Family Style

Photo courtesy @villagephilly

This choice can be played down as well as up. Go more casual with a backyard feel by choosing options for the table consisting of a classic southern meal like BBQ, mashed potatoes, and collards. Go more elevated with a grand Italian feast with bottles of delicious wine and plates of veal parmesan and delicious pasta for each table. 


Photo courtesy @sarahrodriguezdecoraciones

This is a great option if you’d like to provide some options to your guests. Here you can choose a few options and let your guests pick what they like and leave what they don’t- nothing wasted. They can even come back for more if they please. Plus, your guests can be as picky as they want without causing you the headache. 


Photo courtesy @sed_studio

This is a great option for weddings where the couple wants to keep the party going from the time you enter the venue to the time you leave. You can choose three or more delicious stations. Think mashed potato bar station, burger station, or even get a little wild with a sushi or donut station. The options are endless and tons of fun to play around with.

Food Trucks

Photo courtesy @thefallsweddings

This option is a bit out of the box but also a great way to really to personalize your wedding and make it something completely unique to you and your new hubby. Pick our favorite food truck whether it’s pizza, burgers, or even tacos and have them serve up your favorites to you and all your guests for the entire night.

With all of the amazing food options out there, you really can’t go wrong, and whichever you choose it’s sure to be something that your guests will absolutely love.


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