The Classic Mint Julep

The Kentucky Derby was last weekend and, yes of course, we had a Derby Party here at Veils and Cocktails. The hats were larger than life and the mint juleps were perfection. That's why we're giving you the recipe for the classic derby cocktail, the mint julep. Cheers! Ingredients (1 serving) 5-10 sprigs of mint... Continue Reading →


Dress Codes: Decoded

Those last two or three tiny words at the end of an invitation can be useful but are often confusing for some wedding guests. Not to fear, we have your guide for deciphering each dress code you come across. Casual Casual for a wedding is not the same as casual for your everyday. This means... Continue Reading →

Basil Margarita

Happy Cinco de Mayo ladies! I'm sure you know what cocktail we are making today. If you guessed margarita, you guessed right! Today we are doing a basil margarita in celebration of today's holiday. Enjoy mamacitas! Ingredients (1 serving) 2 oz. tequila (we love Patrón Silver) 1 oz. lime juice 4 basil leaves Ice cubes... Continue Reading →

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