8 Bridesmaids Gifts Your Gals Will Actually Love

Your bridesmaids are likely your best friends and would do anything in their power to make your day as perfect as possible. Now, think about your girls and a gift to show them how thankful you are for them and how excited you are to have them by your side on your big day. These 8 gifts are sure to convey that and will definitely be something the will love.

1) Personalized Items 

Photo courtesy @katespadeny
Photo courtesy @veroniquesneyaert

Everyone loves something that is truly them especially if it has their initials or monogram on it. Go a step further and get your best gals something in their favorite color. The personalized journals from Kate Spade are a perfect option and won’t break your bank at around $16 each.

2) Watercolor Portrait

Photo courtesy @alexaillustrations
Photo courtesy @aquanell_nelly

This may seem a bit much, but think about everything your bridesmaids have done for you during your wedding planning process and will do on your wedding day (not to mention how much they’ve spent). A small watercolor portrait of your bridesmaid is a special keepsake she’ll have for a lifetime. You can easily find an artist on Etsy or Instagram to create these beautiful gifts.

3) Personalized Scent

Photo courtesy @jomalonelondon
Photo courtesy @jomalonelondon

Every girl needs a signature scent or perfume that’s perfectly her. Help your bridesmaids find theirs by getting each of them a scent that reflects her personality whether it’s rose or grapefruit or basil. Jo Malone is the a great place to find this, as they have a range of scents and products. Try a candle or a perfume (ranging from $35-$68).

4) Jewelry

Photo courtesy @kendrascott
Photo courtesy @kendrascott

This is a gift that just can’t be beat. What girl doesn’t love jewelry? Find something that all of your girls can wear on the wedding day that would go perfectly with their dress. Even better, find something that is stylish and that they can wear again and again after the wedding. One of our favorites is Kendra Scott. She has plenty of different pieces that are timeless and come in a range of different colors and metals (most classic pieces ranging from $45-$65).

5) Robes

Photo courtesy @plumprettysugar
Photo courtesy @plumprettysugar

Robes are something that come in handy on the morning of your wedding. Not only are they comfy and easy to lounge around in while getting your hair and make-up done (and maybe sip on a few mimosas along the way), but also they make your pictures look super cute. The robes at Plum Pretty Sugar come in a range of colors and beautiful patterns and are also made out of some of the comfiest fabric around (around $68 per robe). Your bridesmaids won’t want to take these off- trust us.

6) Constellation Print

Photo courtesy @Minted
Photo courtesy @Minted

This is one of our favorites. Every lady out there knows her astrological sign whether she admits it or not. Whether your bridesmaids are peaceful and fair Libras or loyal and artsy Cancers, a print of the constellation of your bridesmaid’s astrological sign is something different and beautiful that your girls can hang on their walls at home. Minted has these beautiful prints starting at $33. 

7) Wine

Photo courtesy @Wineawesomeness
Photo courtesy @Winc

Need we say more. A subscription to a wine club will cement your bff status with each of your bridesmaids. Winc and Wine Awesomeness have a range of different subscriptions available that are sure to meet your needs as well as make your maids ecstatic (subscriptions and gift cards are available starting at $39).

8) Rent the Runway Gift Card

Photo courtesy @whenindoubtblog

RTR is something we use on an almost weekly basis during wedding season. Gift your maids a gift card to RTR, so that they can wow in a stylish cocktail dress or gorgeous gown whether to your wedding or another one during the season (ranging from $25-$250). 
Any of these gifts are sure to impress your bridesmaids. Choose one or a few to show them how much you care and how grateful you are to have them as your friends.

*please note that Veils and Cocktails is not receiving compensation from any of the companies or people mentioned above.


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