Top 5 Wedding Trends of 2017

There are some majorly beautiful weddings that have already happened in 2017 and about a thousand more that will happen before the end of this year. Here are our top 5 wedding trends of 2017. 1. Greenery With greenery as the Pantone color of 2017, it is making a huge splash in the wedding scene.... Continue Reading →


The Bach Bash

The Bachelorette party (or "Bach Bash" as we like to call it) is definitely one of the most fun events leading up to the wedding. All of your squad takes on one amazing city for a weekend of fun! It's a time for all of your bridesmaids to bond and a time for you to let... Continue Reading →

The Clover Club

In honor of the dusting of snow that's in this weekend's forecast for Nashville, we thought we'd go with more of a wintery cocktail. This gin based cocktail is named after the elite Philadelphia gentlemen's club that flourished from its inception all the way through the roaring twenties. Funny how this cocktail named after a gentlemen's club... Continue Reading →

Workin On Your Fitness

After endless hours, days, weeks, maybe even months of searching, you found the gown! How exciting, but then your eyes widen and you start thinking “This dress looks AMAZING, but I bet it would look even more amazing if my arms had just a bit more definition.” That’s right… you’ve started thinking about what all... Continue Reading →

Arnold Palmer with a Twist

With Spring right around the corner, it's time to get ready for warmer weather and warmer weather activities. One of my husband's favorite spring time sports has to be golf and not just playing golf but also watching The Masters. So, what could be more "Masters" than a spiked Arnold Palmer? This cocktail is perfect... Continue Reading →

To Pin or Not to Pin

To pin or not to pin? That is the question. The words of Shakespeare have never been truer. Ok, Shakespeare didn’t actually say that exactly, but if you’re a bride-to-be on Pinterest, you might want to start asking yourself that question. Pinterest has 176 million registered users[1] and of those 176 million users 70% have... Continue Reading →

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